Why Invest in the Palm View Resorts and Cape Verde

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Construction Business

Reason in Invest in the Palm View Resorts and Cape Verde:

  • According to an IMF report in December 2009 GDP growth in Cape Verde held at 4% despite the economic downturn with this figure set to increase to 7.4% in 2013
  • Growth is expected to pick up, with inflation remaining low(IMF review 2009)

Continued research into the growing GDP per capita found that Cape Verde had reached a higher GDP than South Africa (2011) which is a sure indication that the island is profiting from the private investment and the government’s efforts to driving their tourism industry.

The indicators from the reports show Palm View Resort investors can expect high levels of lucrative growthCiaran Maguire Group feasibility reports shows the growing tourism on the island has risen from 45,000 since 1997    to 382,831 in 2010 and is expected to exceed 500,00 by 2012.

The contribution of travel and tourism to Cape Verdean GDP is expected to rise from 21.9% in 2010 to 30.1% in 2020 (World Travel & tourism Council). The figures for the tourism will be provide confidence in those investors purchasing their beach suite apartments with Ciaran Maguire Group Most of the apartments have been purchased with retirement in mind and those investing at present have many years to enjoy and many opportunities to see their initial deposit of €6k grow and provide them with a Free Hold apartment at the end of the term and also enjoy rental income which will be produced from their Pension Fund In the Sun. Palm View Lifestyle is provided also to those investors and holiday makers on the Resort, where they can sip cocktails at sundown, dine under the star lit canopy or enjoy the colorful varieties that Sal Rei the town of Boa Vista, offers a short ten minute walk from the apart hotel complex.


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