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The most of important question Ciaran Maguire has been asked by the investors of Palm View Resort Cape Verde was “What were the main factors of purchasing the land in this relatively unknown part of the world. Ciaran Maguire had successfully made a number of land acquisitions in other parts of Europe but had decided not to make these sites home for his first developments, as he was concerned with the lack of restrictions in building over 4 storey’s properties. Ciaran Maguire knew that this would mean a beach fronted property that he would be building for his investors may well have a further building in front or to the side of the property therefore leaving the unsuspecting investor with a capital depreciating property instead of one which they would capitalize on with both income and growth.

On receiving a comprehensive Feasibility Report investing into Boa Vista Cape Verde their land purchase was made in 2007. It became apparent that Boa Vista would be an ideal location for the Palm View Resort. The Boa Vista Island has a low cost of living benefits from being accessible from all major cities, has its’ own airport and is at an early stage of property investment market with huge potential growth.

The glorious all round sun and fine weather seasons also make this an attractive place to invest, as purchasing overseas means that the investors can be vulnerable to low season dips throughout the year. Flights have increased by 400% to the island over the past few years and ferry’s link to the Archipelago of the other islands of Cape Verde allowing for those looking for thrill seeking adventures to try their mountain biking in Fogo or competing in the yearly kite surfing championships held in Sal.

The climate is likened to the Caribbean with very little rain, and has perfect conditions for water sports such as windsurfing and kite surfing. Its’ home to the Boa Vista Wind Club operated by champion former winder surfer Francois Guy.

The Palm View Resorts Development in Boa Vista is a ten minute walk from the main town of Sal Rei, a picturesque bay with restaurants and local bars full of friendly atmposphere and delicious Seafoods freshly caught and prepared in sumptuous Creole style. This style of dining can be found in the 5 star restaurants at the Palm View Resort Boa Vista where the elaborate furnishes match the outstanding cuisine. The resort will be the first AA rated 5 star complex on Boa Vista and a long awaited place to stay for those that already know and love the islands so well.

The feasibility report mentioned previously gave figures on the growing tourism, lodging capacity of the neighbouring hotel, occupancy rates and room rates. Full details of the report is available by contacting the group of


Reason in Invest in the Palm View Resorts and Cape Verde:

  • According to an IMF report in December 2009 GDP growth in Cape Verde held at 4% despite the economic downturn with this figure set to increase to 7.4% in 2013
  • Growth is expected to pick up, with inflation remaining low(IMF review 2009)

Continued research into the growing GDP per capita found that Cape Verde had reached a higher GDP than South Africa (2011) which is a sure indication that the island is profiting from the private investment and the government’s efforts to driving their tourism industry.

The indicators from the reports show Palm View Resort investors can expect high levels of lucrative growthCiaran Maguire Group feasibility reports shows the growing tourism on the island has risen from 45,000 since 1997    to 382,831 in 2010 and is expected to exceed 500,00 by 2012.

The contribution of travel and tourism to Cape Verdean GDP is expected to rise from 21.9% in 2010 to 30.1% in 2020 (World Travel & tourism Council). The figures for the tourism will be provide confidence in those investors purchasing their beach suite apartments with Ciaran Maguire Group Most of the apartments have been purchased with retirement in mind and those investing at present have many years to enjoy and many opportunities to see their initial deposit of €6k grow and provide them with a Free Hold apartment at the end of the term and also enjoy rental income which will be produced from their Pension Fund In the Sun. Palm View Lifestyle is provided also to those investors and holiday makers on the Resort, where they can sip cocktails at sundown, dine under the star lit canopy or enjoy the colorful varieties that Sal Rei the town of Boa Vista, offers a short ten minute walk from the apart hotel complex.

Ciaran Maguire Group made extensive enquiries into the economy of Cape Verde in 2007 before the purchase of the land took place in Boa Vista, one of the beautiful unspoilt islands of the Archipelago of Cape Verde just off the West Coast of Africa.  The islands, some which are uninhabited, provided the inspiration for the Irish entrepreneur Ciaran Maguire to purchase the land in Boa Vista which has over 55km of soft sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.  Ciaran Maguire, who came from a family background of developers created the brand Palm View to become amongst the world most renown Resorts in 2007 and has continued to grow the brand with the for sight of land acquisitions in the early 2000.

Construction Investment

Ciaran Maguire Group

Feasibility Reports for the company were carried out by professional consultants and the findings were based on economic figures, political stability and the growing tourism and development of the country.  The government of Cape Verde has continued to invest in tourism and infrastructure with new shopping areas, hospitals and health centers with Ciaran Maguire Group.

Between 2000 and 2009, real GDP increased by over 7% per year, well above the average for small islands countries. The economy is service orientated, with a small part of GDP contributing from agriculture and fishing.  (IMF report)


Ciaran Maguire, the founder and president of the Ciaran Maguire Group, travelled to the Caribbean Island of St Lucia to meet with Yang Tan Po CEO of Azea Property Investments. Yang Tan Po met with the Irish Entrepreneur to carry out due diligence of the land title, planning permissions and official documents held by the group for their land on Fond Bay on the South East of St Lucia.

Ciaran Maguire Group


Ciaran Maguire Group, Azea Property Investments and Yang Tan Po holds seminars and give advice & offers personal coaching to those seeking to make their own private investments. Ciaran Maguire spent four days with the CEO accompanying the team to the proposed site of the luxury villas and apartments on offer from prestigious Palm View Golf & Spa Resort St Lucia.

The villas overlooking Fond Bay & the Ernie Ells Golf course measure 100.03m2. The villas comprise of one bedroom with suite, spacious living areas opening out to decking areas with their own swimming pool. As you would expect they have designer interiors with fully fitted kitchens and luxury top of range Flat Screen TV’s and mood softening lights. A concertina glass visage completes for maximizing the beautiful views of the picturesque Caribbean blue seas and sunny skies.

The Ernie Ells designed signature Golf Course of the Ciaran Maguire Group resorts, provided the extra special ingredient to this Sale & Leaseback Agreement scheme in St Lucia. The Resort will also include Palm View Spa, the Spa treatments designed to relieve stresses and strains of the hard day on the Golf Course.

Considering which type of property invest is the most important consideration of your decision to become a property investor.  You can invest in commercial, semi commercial and residential properties.  Your decision may lie in the deposit required. Overseas properties can be bought on a sale and leaseback agreement, and the developments these days require very little capital as a deposit.

Types of Business Models for a Bricks & Mortar Pension

50% Deposit Required:

Commercial property such as manufacturing plants factories and offices, have higher returns for rental income and capital growth, however has a higher level of risk due to its’ need for high capital deposits, higher losses on non tenancy and is more likely to be effected to the economic climate.

Budapest (Hungary):

A strong opportunity in commercial sector, particularly office and warehouse as it becomes regional business hub. Residential property severely undervalued (per sq m)

60% Deposit Required:

Semi commercial properties such as Student Lets, blocks of flats and some shops, require specialist lending and regulations and have past performance of higher critical yields on rents, due to the individual tenancy agreements or higher rents charged with a shop front and residential space. This can be done as a physical assets or through a fund.

30% Deposit Required:

Residential properties can be bought on a Buy to Let basis to rent out to your tenants privately or through approved letting agents. In experienced landlords suffered financially with the downturn in value of the property, loss of tenants and over zealous lending gave up to 90% since 2003-2008. The maximum lending in 2012 is 75% but with lender calculations based on valuation to likely rental income this can fall to 70%.

Popularity over the last few years has been the overseas purchase, and with house prices in most European countries still recovering from the over inflation, Emerging Markets are being sort after for early purchase decisions. Holiday home freehold investments provide an opportunity for a rental income immediately which may cover mortgage payments and future capital in a country which may provide a home when you retire, with better tax breaks than your country of origin. They are not restricted to overly regulated lending bank policy and developments ask smaller capital deposit of the investor.

Sale & Leaseback:

This strategy become popular in France, and historically required a 30% deposit for the property.  There is normally a guaranteed rental paid on a monthly basis which covers the mortgage payments and this way the property would pay for itself and at the end of the term, you have a freehold property.

Types of Business Models for a Bricks & Mortar Pension

100% Lending:

One particular development Ciaran Maguire Group has a development called Palm View in St Lucia & Cape Verde has the following business model

6k Euro Reservation Fee

The apartment/villa is purchased at a 70% mortgage

8% rental guarantee covers the mortgage payments

The apartment/villa is purchase fully furnished with a refurbishment package every 3 years

30% developers loan is gifted at 0% and paid back monthly

4 weeks a year usage

This means that the investment is completely leveraged, as an investor it is low risk as the returns are guaranteed and the amount  required for the purchase is minimal at 6k Euros.

St Lucia:

The tropical island paradise of Saint Lucia is the perfect haven for romance, adventure and home to some of nature’s most precious natural beauties.  The tourism industry booms alongside the neighboring islands of Barbados & Mystique.